Welcome to WASP’s Junior Hockey Club

We are a large junior club catering for players of all abilities ranging from beginners to those who play in state and national teams.

We have teams for kids in pre primary through to year 12 at school.

Our Minkey program is played on a Saturday morning at Richardson Park. It is designed for the younger kids from pre primary through to Year 2. Played witih smaller teams, modified rules and on a quarter field, this is ideal for the younger players and those just beginning.

Grads is the next step for kids in Year 3 and 4, and plays alongside Minkey. The game is extended to teams of 11 on a full field with more of the basic rules of hockey applied. This is an important stepping stone to playing in the junior HockeyWA competitions in following years.

When players are in Year 5 and above at school, they join our teams competing in HockeyWA competitions. These are played against other clubs in the metropolitan area on a home and away basis. Games are played under the offical rules of hockey.

The age groups for HockeyWA competitions are based on the players year at school. The competitions and general playing times are

Year 5/6 – Saturday morning
Year 7/8 – Saturday morning
Year 9/10 – Sunday morning
Year 11/12 – Friday evening

Key Dates

A draft season calendar is available here and published to TeamApp that contains key dates to assist with planning.

Minkey and Grads FAQ

Season Dates
Commences Saturday 9th May 2020.

No program is conducted during school holidays and long weekends.

Wesley South Perth Hockey Club,
Richardson Park, Labouchere Road, South Perth

Grads:  8.15am – 9.30am
Minkey:  8.30am – 9.30am

Sessions are not cancelled due to rainy weather.  Play will cease in electrical storms.


The Club Supplies:
Team Shirt, Socks, Ball, Cones.

Players Need to Supply their own:
Hockey Stick, Shin Pads, Shorts or Skirt (any colour), Sandshoes/runners.
Mouthguard: If a child does not have a mouth guard they will not be able to play

Team Allocations
Each team will have players allocated on the following basis: age; school year; mix of genders.  We will endeavour to meet the requests of players to be with at least one of their nominated friends

Junior Policies

2020 Junior Contacts

Contact Position Email
Rowena Mills Vice President wasphc.jvp@gmail.com
Mardi Dodgson Secretary wasphc.jnrsec@gmail.com
Greg Brown Registrar wasphc.jnrregistrar@gmail.com
Amy Scollen Minkey wasphc.minkey@gmail.com
Vacant Grads wasphc.grads@gmail.com
Jenny Johnstone Year 5/6 Girls wasphc.j56girls@gmail.com
Jenny Nicholls Year 5/6 Boys wasphc.j56boys@gmail.com
Ben Greenway Year 7/8 Girls wasphc.j78girls@gmail.com
Caroline Mudd Year 7/8 Boys wasphc.j78boys@gmail.com
Ben Greenway Year 9/10 Girls wasphc.j910girls@gmail.com
Susan Grieves Year 9/10 Boys wasphc.j910boys@gmail.com
Donna Phipps Year 11/12 Girls wasphc.j1112girls@gmail.com
Susan Grieves Year 11/12 Boys wasphc.j1112boys@gmail.com
Stephanie Cook Coach coordinator wasphc.jnrcoaching@gmail.com
Michele Melang Events coordinator wasphc.jnrevents@gmail.com
Kara Phipps Umpiring coordinator wasphc.jnrumpcoord@gmail.com

Please note, age groups are determined by the players school year, not their age.